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A bit about me...

I trained as an Accountant and worked in Industry as a Finance Director in London for 30 years. Despite my outward success, on the inside I was falling apart.


It took all my courage to reach out to a Counsellor - his name was David. For the first time in my life I felt seen, heard and accepted. The experience started a process that was life-saving and transformational. Eventually I promised myself that I would be there for others in the same way that David was there for me.


In 2017 I left my job and trained as a Samaritan Listener and a Psychosynthesis Counsellor.I now have the joy of living in Findhorn Village in Moray. I'm a Biker and part of the LGBT community.


Sadly, David died, but I remain deeply grateful for him and his influence still lives on through my work as a counsellor today.

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